What You Need Start a Dental Practice

Establishing a dental practice doesn’t come cheap. Before even thinking about what’s needed in the operating room, a dentist looking to start a dental practice will need appropriate premises, computer systems, and furniture (including a dentist’s chair). As for instruments and equipment, the dentist will need dental high speed handpiece parts, a low speed handpiece, mouth mirrors, carvers, scissors, and more.

All in all, starting a practice runs tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Necessary Dental Instruments and Equipment

·       Handpieces: since the handpiece is one of a dentist’s most frequently used instruments, it is worth investing in the best quality hand pieces that fit your needs. You will also dental high speed handpiece parts you can use to repair your handpiece if necessary. Waiting for parts to be delivered is not an option for a busy practice.

·       Operative Instrument Kit: a typical kit will include mouth mirrors, an explorer, scissors, cotton pliers, spoon excavator, amalgam carrier and plugger, cleoid-discoid, and forceps.

·       Nitrous Oxide System: systems for delivering dental sedation, including cylinders, masks, and flowmeters.

·       Sterilization Equipment: mandatory for safe, hygienic cleaning of tools and equipment. This set should include an instrument washer, ultrasonic cleaner, autoclave, and water filtration system.

·       Dental chair and lighting: the cost of dental patient chairs ranges from $7,000 to $9,000, depending on the brand. Dental chairs are often purchased second-hand to reduce costs.

·       Evacuation System: stable suction is important for all dental procedures and for patient health and safety.

How Much Should Dentists Spend on Instruments and Equipment?

Budgeting is an area where many new dentists have trouble. Establishing a practice is expensive; with so many things to buy, it can be difficult to properly prioritize spending. On one hand, it is a mistake to overextend and invest in equipment that far exceeds your budget. On the other hand, the cheapest supplies and equipment on the market are not necessarily the most economical, since the cost of repairing and replacing poor-quality items will undercut any potential savings.

In general, modern instruments and must-have clinical equipment are worth spending a lot. The best quality dental hand pieces will serve you for years to come. The same goes for a patient chair.

Where dentists can go wrong is splurging on the appearance of their practice. While this can help to attract clients in the beginning, all styles fall out of fashion eventually, and it will be necessary to re-do the interior design in the near future to keep up.

New dentists on a tight budget are better served by going with a modest but clean design and putting their money into necessary tools instead. These will have a bigger impact on patient experience.