Top 5 Summer Activities in Ontario, Canada

Summer escapades can be tough, stressful and also a lot of planning to make to achieve the best experience you wanted.

Ontario is a province in east-central Canada that borders the U.S. and the Great Lakes. From Ottawa, Canada’s capital, acknowledged for Parliament Hill’s Victorian structure and the National Gallery, highlighting Canadian and indigenous art. Toronto, Ontario’s capital is a home to the 553m-high CN Tower with an open and sightful view from its gyrating restaurant, as well as High Park, site of a rare oak savannah habitat. Here in Ontario, there are plenty of activities to choose from and explore during your stay.

Here are the activities you definitely like to try:

  1. Summer Festivals & Concerts

If you are the legit fun of music this one is certainly the right choice for you. There are loads of local bands invited to perform at the festivals and parties. Festivals and Concerts can be a small or huge event here in Ontario.

  1. See Locals at the Night Market

The night market is commonly popular in Asia that had also become a trend in Ontario. You can absolutely meet the locals, go shopping, food trip for every street vendors or direct in stores, join the nightlife in the area, go to bars and many more. All you have to do is to explore the place for best experience.

  1. A trip to the Beach

The most common activity during summer but never been old to do so. It’s still fun to spend the day looking at the beach. Makes you feel relax and refresh. There are lots of water activities to do too. Perfect summer experience to the whole family. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

  1. Try the Award-Winning Craft Beers

Craft beer is booming nowadays. Each place will surely give you a different taste. There are many hotspots for breweries but Ontario has something to be really proud of when it comes to handcrafted brews. Taste it and you will see what I mean.

  1. Go Biking

Going on mountain biking with your family and friends or just you are fun to do in Ontario. You can get to roam around and explore the streets. It can be an exercise at the same time. There are many bike trails you can try. You need a map on this one. An environmental activity that you will definitely enjoy for every scenery you pass by.