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How to Get Over Your Cold Quickly

Thanksgiving is now behind us and that means we are heading into the winter season. Which is also the cold and flu season, alas. Having a cold stinks; there is no other way to put it. When they strike, you want to be rid of a cold as soon as possible. While the length of a cold has a certain amount to do with the time that the virus takes to exit your system, you can help to speed it up a bit by doing some of the following:

Keep drinking those fluids

If you are feeling sick to your stomach because of a cold, it is tempting to not eat or drink anything. That, however, is actually a mistake. Staying hydrated helps to break up any congestion you are experiencing. Water is always good, and you can also drink herbal tea or juice. If you feel the need for tea or coffee, stick with decaffeinated for now. You should also try to avoid alcohol until you feel better.

Get plenty of rest

Your body is in healing mode at the moment, so you can give it a good assist by taking it easy. Exerting yourself while you are in recovery will likely just drag out the cold out even longer. Cancel your plans, put up your feet, grab the electric blanket, and catch up on Netflix.

Add moisture to the air

The air tends to be rather dry during winter, and it can just make you feel worse. Using a humidifier or vaporizer to add humidity to the air will help to break up your congestion.

Use pain relief

Congestion can lead to headaches and other issues that cause pain. There are various effective over-the-counter remedies for this, including ones designed specifically for people with colds. If your throat is bothering you, you can also gargle with salt water. Both of these suggestions should help you to feel some relief while you recover.