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Is It Weird to Prefer Dogs to Humans? Some People Don’t Think So

You have probably heard of people who dote on their dogs. In fact, you might actually be one of them. The pet care industry has grown at a staggering rate in the past couple of decades. People occasionally treat their dogs to luxuries that some human beings cannot afford to give to their own children. This sort of behaviour can seem more like crazy than love to certain individuals. However, for others, dogs are as important to them as children. Sometimes even more important than their actual children.

The notion of the company of dogs being preferable to other human beings can seem outright misanthropic and strange. However, there is often a reason why the individual feels this way. While they cannot offer the same intellectual stimulation as a human being, domestic pets, particularly dogs, are fiercely loyal. They also love unconditionally, and do not engage in this sort of subterfuge that human beings often subject each other to in their dealings, both professionally and in private.

Dogs also ask for comparatively little when stacked up against human beings. If you provide them with food, shelter, and a friendly, loving hand, the dog will be happy to stay with you for its whole life. Human beings demand more than just the basic essentials of life from a partner and when such a relationship breaks down, it can be quite devastating for those involved. Think about times when you have ended a relationship or been dumped; it likely took some time for you to get back on your feet again.

If someone has been through enough painful breakups in their life, they may reach a point where they do not wish to have any kind of relationship of substance with another human being. In instances such as that, the comparatively basic and simple pleasures offered by the companionship of animals can seem infinitely preferable.