How Much Does Room Colour Affect Your Mood?

Many people agonize over the colours they choose for their home. Be it the drapes, rugs, or walls, the colours we choose can have a tremendous affect on how we feel. Don’t forget that for most people, home is where they will be spending the majority of their time. It’s one thing to deal with a drab and less than ideal atmosphere at work, but to come home to a colour scheme that makes you sad, nervous, or anxious is not good for your physical or mental health.

Must admit that I am one of those people who take forever trying to choose a colour scheme. I will look at colour samples until my eyes hurt, but it is worth the time invested: my home needs to be a sanctuary away from the real world and how it looks is very important in maintaining that illusion.

Don’t worry about trends. The paint you choose for your home should last for years, while trends change almost annually. Pick what feels right for you and your family because you will be the ones living there.

Colours can establish mood and the three go-to colour themes are passive, neutral, and active. Do you have a room that is your favourite for relaxing? Blue is a good choice here. Green is also a hue that is known for helping one to relax.

Red is an active, energetic colour. Use it for areas where people congregate to talk and have fun, like the living room or rec room.

Neutral colours like white, grey, and brown are good for areas like the kitchen, where you are there to do some work, but it should also not feel like WORK work.

Some friends looking to repaint their house have asked for recommendations; I was particularly impressed with the professionalism of this company, which did an excellent job adding new life to my parents’ 19th century home.


Best Toronto Residential Painters

People seek out help for professional painters because they are lack of abilities to do it by themselves. They wanted something new and make their place looks great that can only be done by a skilled painter. Searching through the internet regarding residential painters will provide plenty of options. The search results will be quite overwhelming experience because there are many painting companies nowadays. Don’t worry! You can narrow it down. Having just a specific location that is close to your place, providing keywords such as painter, residential or whatever you think related to the painting companies. Doing so, will give you much lesser search results. It is much easier to manage the list of search and you can definitely choose your preferred company that can help you out to do paint job for you.


When sorting out all your search results, you need to take a look at their ratings and reviews by other clients. You will see which company is providing quality work and services. The reviews and ratings will help you decide which is the best Toronto residential painters for you to hire. The quality of best painters is friendly and professionals, can provide outstanding painting result, can start and finish the job on time, works spotless clean-up and give reasonable price to their customers.

Also get some information to your neighbors, friends and family that already experienced hiring painters. It’s also best to learn from them because you can avoid experiencing unpleasant results. Give yourself a time to think and decide. No need to rush in decision making. Some house painting in Toronto area can be your basis when determining which company you like. Remember that you should not let just anyone else to do painting for your interior walls or exterior surfaces to make it affordable. Be wise!


Changing Up Space

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my blog – Wnisker 🙂

My name is Whitney and I started this blog to document the renovations that will be happening inside my 3 bedroom townhouse over the next couple of months.  I bought this house in the summer and it has taken me long enough to start renovations.  But alas, finally we have started.


I wanted to document my journey through this to help those of you who are thinking of renovating your house but are too scared to go through with it.  It’s definitely going to be tough, but I’ll highlight the good and the bad – everything that comes with doing a whole renovation.

So come back and I will keep you all posted on the changes!