How Much Should I Walk Per Day?

You don’t have to be a news hound to have heard TV commentators, doctors, and fitness experts talking about the importance of making walking a daily part of your life. We all may not be able to get to the gym every day or have time for a comprehensive health program, but almost all of us walk. It might not seem like much, and could simply be to and from work, but walking has very definite benefits.

Reduces Belly Fat

You may find yourself regularly walking, but the scale is not showing  the sort of fast, positive results you hoped for. The needle has moved only slightly down and yet, you are noticing that your pants do not seem as tight as they have been recently. This is entirely possible as walking can help to improve your body’s response to insulin, even after just a short time and only a small number of pounds.

Walking is a Gateway Drug

OK, that’s not the best description, but it can be quite accurate. Maintaining a regular walking schedule and proving to yourself that you can continue to do it shows that you have the discipline and drive for regular exercise. Build upon this success by expanding your fitness repertoire.

Better Mood

Therapists always recommend exercise to patients suffering from depression because it helps generate those “feel good” brain chemicals that improve mood. You don’t have to be depressed to benefit from walking regularly; a good mood can become even better after exercising.

Fights Constipation

Do you occasionally have trouble going to the bathroom? There are many things you can try to fix this common issue, but one of the first should be additional walking. This basic form of exercise provides a wholly natural way to help get your system moving and keep you regular.