Are You Ready for 8K TV?

No, that title is not a typo. Just as you upgraded from your old reliable CRT to a 1080p HD TV, and then upgraded again this Black Friday to a new 4K set, the electronics industry is not done with you yet. Debuting later this year, Samsung’s new 8K set already has some fans in the tech industry, though the likely cost for this 85-inch behemoth is probably in the range of at least $10,000.

Currently, there is almost no 8K content to even run on this thing. So why would you possibly want to shell out so much money? One of the main features of this set is its upconverting technology. Remember how your 1080p set would upconvert 480p/480i content and improve the image somewhat? And how your 4K set does the same for both of those resolutions? The 8K from Samsung performs the same function, but better.

This new Samsung offering includes a database-based upscaling system that has the capacity to learn. Meaning, the next time you play this same type of content, the upscaling system will be able to respond faster and more effectively when upscaling.

That’s pretty amazing to think about and a definite incentive. While I’m not the type to restrict my viewing to things that are only in HD, I must admit that I watch far less SD content these days because it just doesn’t look good on 1080p or 4K televisions. If these 8K sets can deliver a significant improvement in this area, that would be amazing.

Then, as always, there is the price. Early adopters are the ones who pay through the nose for new products. However, one hopes that this technology is popular and effective enough to become a standard feature when 8K sets drop down to a more reasonable cost. Of course, by then, 16K will be knocking…